Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is there anything left to discover or invent?

Frankly speaking I think the whole thing of "like button" in Facebook is not very attractive. I did not like the way Facebook sees our hobbies, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the books we read..they have not understood the potential revenue they can make out of our hobbies by commercializing the "Hobbies". They never wanted to improve the UI for the "likes".Its good that on your friend's profile page you can see the movies, the music,the books he/she likes. But Facebook never mentions why that particular person likes the movie or what are his all time fav books or his reviews and recommendations for his friends regarding the movies, the tv shows etc. that he has seen.
I understood this recently when one of my friend liked "V for Vendetta". I was very curious after I heard the movie name.I googled and read the reviews but was somewhat not sure why my good friend liked that movie. This is when I realized that there is some potential space Facebook has ignored and tried to explore it. In one of the BMTC buses I even imagined how the User interface for that particular website I hypothetically create would look like.
I even thought of asking my friends help to create this website where all the things Facebook has left can be implemented.But something happened when I came back home.
I was heartbroken when I googled "social network based on movies songs books". Yes your guess is right. There is a website which does precisely that..and what more it was also called leader in the emerging social entertainment market by Bloomberg in November 2010. And the name of the website is -> (sorry for the "->" Its just too much C style programming...).
That brings me the thought that has been in my mind and even in my friend Samir's mind. "Is there anything left in this world to discover or invent??" Do leave your thoughts on that right here...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Import your facebook contacts to gmail!

I know that friends of my age will have more friends in Facebook than the number of contacts in their Gmail account.
in this post I will give you step by step instructions on how to import your contacts from Facebook.
Things you will need
1: A yahoo e-mail id
2:I guess nothing more..!
I will explain the whole procedure in steps
STEP 1: Log in to your yahoo account. Choose the classic view as the screen shots I will be showing will be in classic view.
STEP 2: Open the contacts tab. Here you will see "Import your Contacts from other accounts to Yahoo!" Click on "import now".(see screen shot)

STEP 3: On clicking on "import now" you will see another screen. You will see the following text."New! Bring together all the people you know in one place. Click on an icon to start." Here click on the Facebook icon. On clicking on the icon a new window opens asking you to log in to Facebook. Once you log in yahoo imports your Facebook contacts. Click on "done".
STEP 4: next click on "tools"->"export" and export it in "yahoo csv" format.
STEP 5:Once this csv file is downloaded into your computer log out of yahoo and then log in to gmail.
STEP 6:Click on "contacts" On doing so you will see "more actions" button. on clicking it you will see "import" option.(see screen shot)

STEP 7: Now import these contacts to your account..
That's it..!! You can now contact your facebook friends through gmail!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Tech reading : WEEK 2

March 2. as I mentioned in the last week's post the I-pad 2 has finally released. And above is the video of the I-pad 2 from tech-crunch TV.
Here are the views of some of some bigwigs on i pad 2 See the link here
And if you want to compare all the tablets and see which is the best the you must go through this I am glad to see the name of Notion Ink's "Adam" tablet.
On a lighter note..did you know the person to achieve the most no of followers in twitter? Yes it is the funny man from 2 and half men
This week I will introduce you to a relatively unknown website which is based on sms (without the premium sms costs!!) Read about it and subscribe to it. Also you can make your own apps and publish them. Got an idea? Head here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yahoo's integration with Facebook A boon to college students like me and you!!

Till about 2 months ago I was like all other frustrated college students who could not see their Facebook wall and twitter handles while browsing from college browsing centers. I tried many proxy sites but the problem with proxy sites is that there is always a threat that your private data and passwords can be stolen.
But not anymore...The all new Yahoo mail which was introduced in March 2010 (Yes I am reporting this in 2011) there is an increase in the level of integration with facebook.

All you need to do is integrate your facebook account with your yahoo-mail and you will receive your facebook updates! Fair enough is it not? No proxy no tension!