Saturday, November 26, 2011

A dummies guide to set up your RVCE mail

Yes, all students of RV College Of Engineering get a email-id. Even I did not realize it till today. Now that I know there is such a facility, I'll describe how to get the id and change the default password and other stuff. Firstly you need to get the ID from the department. For the CS department it is put up near the Digital Electronics lab notice board. If you do not want to tire yourself to go there and find out yours here is a simple way to do so. Your ID is yourfirstname.cse(year of joining)at Example: vaishakh.cse09 at Step 2: Where to login? Now that you have a fair idea of where to get the e-mail id's the next step is where to log in? Visit and in the top right you find a box "RVCE MAIL" Click on that. You will be redirected to another webpage where you will be asked to give you log in credentials. I will not mention the default passwords here because of the obvious security reasons.(There is a default password too. If you want the default password mail me (Just to verify you are a legitimate student of rvce and I will send you the default password )) When you log in you you will see a page as shown in the below figure
Next step: Click on the "Email" button seen in the bottom right side of the webpage. You will now be redirected to your inbox with the default 2 e-mails from the gmail team. Click on the settings(seen in the red box in the figure below) and there click on account settings.
You will be redirected to the page as shown below
Change your password there and that's it! You now have an account which can be used for the Microsoft Dreamspark for free usage of their premium softwares and loads of other things.