Friday, February 25, 2011

Master password for firefox to protect all your passwords.

This is something everybody will know. But for those who did not know this :Consider the situation where a computer is shared with some other people. There are chances that the other person can access your passwords by under Tools, then your Options and then the Security section in Mozilla Firefox.
A screen shot of saved passwords are shown here.
The person need not have any hacking skills at all. Just needs to copy your password and change it and that's it "Your account is hacked..!!"
To avoid such a thing happening to you all you need to do is use a master password See link
Happy browsing!

Week 1

These are not new links. These are links that I have already posted in by buzz page. But for those who do not follow me on my buzz it comes...the first doze of technology..
This week I would like to start off the with the big news coming in... Apple I pad 2 release date announced..
And another big news is that Lenovo is plannin to launch the laptop tablet hybrid "Lenovo Lepad" in June. see it here.
Have you ever forgotten to wish your friend on his or her birthday? Could not Facebook and wish them? here is a simple solution to it. The Autobudder. A Facebook app developed by a student of manipal institute of technology this innovative app wishes your friends on their about it here...
Worth mentioning here is a new and innovative service which is like a modern Barter system. "Pay with a tweet" this is a simple service. You tweet about the service and you get something in return (perhaps a new product) This can be used by some start up bands which need some publicity.
And finally talking about the costliest domain! was sold for $13 million by Escom to Clover Holdings on 17 November 2010. A mad mad world I would say...What's in a domain name? its the content that matters.. isn't it?

Weekend tech reading..

Starting this week I will be sharing with you people some of the interesting articles that I came across during the week. Please read them if they are good and leave a comment if possible. A comment of yours goes a long way and encourages me to do more...
So let it begin this Saturday...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Google Chrome Theme Installation

Step 1:
Download the theme file from thislink
Step 2:
Extract it.
Step 3:
Right click on the .crx file and select the open with option. Open it with google chrome.
Step 4: In the Bottom centre of your google chrome window press continue.
That's it ...Your chrome theme is ready to use..!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Its been a while since I posted anything. To add to that my almost lost these blog posts because of the stupid website was down for months together. So I decided to have a copy of my posts in blogspot too...I know these are old ones and pretty boring too...But if you have missed out on them please make it a point to read it and fill in your comments both positive and negative in the comment box..
Nimma Vaishakh...

Day One

Total Chaos!. That is the only way I can describe day 1 of swmester 3.It started with the orchestra bus. No one was really sure whether we will finally be able to hear the orchestra which we all missed for 3 long months. But the bus eventually turned up 5 minutes late.
8:40 : College bus reaches Pandora (I mean RVCE).Everyone is exchanging smiles and girls exchanging hugs.For one moment I wondered why I cant be Munna Bhai and give all the girls a Jadu Ki Jhappi :P
After a small walk towards the department the scene continued again. But this time it was our own Pandit Ji exchanging the hugs.
9:00 : All students were near the dept entrance where every voice said "The classes are shuffled" This was not news to most of us but everyone was curious to know which class they belonged to. This mystery was instantaneously solved by many guys.One of the most convincing theory put forth was A1,A2 in section A. A3 and B1 in section B and B2 and B3 in section C.
9:15 :Students still standing near the department took a stand that they should make a move and in a few moments the folks moved to the class of their choice.
9:20 : Enter Harish G the Descrete mathematical structure lecturer. A witty man and a knowledgeable man. He has the potential to make it to the Jinkchak club of honours :D
9:50 : Exit Harish G.
9:50-10:40 :supposed to be the HOD's class which the ever busy HOD could not take. End result=>1st free period in 3sem.
10:40 : Enter Nivia madam.(No not the lady in the Nivia advertisement :P)One hour of lecture of which some things evaporated into thin air like the nivia anti persperent deodorant.
11:30 : Short break begins. But did not have the usual samosas in the small canteen because of the crowd.But met the friends from other sections and in particular THE BOSS.
11:50 : Confusion again regarding the lab. Finally reached Digital electronics lab where Drum was ready to welcome us :D :D. Along wit drum was another good looking lady who proclaimed herself as the class teacher of our class. She handed us the registeration form which we were supposed to fill.
2:00 : End of the chaotic day with home made food which I ate in the never changing canteen with some friends.
Let's see what's in store for tomorrow :)

One more day!

It was like any other morning for me. Getting up late heading upstairs to see the facebook updates and planning what movies to download and watch today until my mother reminded me that tomorrow is the day when the torture begins again. Yes it is college reopening time and I'm not as exited as I was a year back. I still remember the exitement in the air when I first went to RVCE as a student for the first time. Random thoughts in mind about the whole new life I had gifted myself after all the slogging I had done in the PU. The urge to meet and make new friends. The fire in the belly about the infamous ragging which eventually never happened and the wish to see more chicks (remember I studied in MESKK where the term chick had no meaning.)
One year has passed by and I no longer have the same enthusiasm about the college exept the fact that I want to see whether 2nd year lecturers can be more funny and exiting as the first year lecturers(To name a few :Jinkchak, AHM, holy esquare, pedddee ).
Not to forget the longing to meet the out of town friends.But even after combining all this it doesnt equal the urge I had to go to college a year back.
I know it is going to be the same college bus with the in-built window orchestra and the same quizes and tests which come back to back and the boring classes and the same old browsing centre with the same browsing restrictions.The same ID card checks and the same canteen with no change in its menu but for the prices in it and the same nerds around you.
But somewhere in some corner of the heart I still have the zeal to go to college because of the small things that have made the previous year a memorable one.
I may sound very philosophical but the fact is that Life is all about rejoicing all those small moments which come along rather than cribbing about what you didn't get.
So I go to college tomorrow with the hope to make this year even more memorable and even more hillareous and even more sparkling.
Hope all you guys around do the same. Reminds me of this fantastic song